Igloo building


Do-it-yourself Igloo building kits

Igloo building kits

The Eskimold is a patent pending mold that has been specially designed to help produce the perfect shaped blocks of snow to build igloos.

The mold is made in such a way that all you have to do is place a few shovels of snow in it and pack it down. When the mold is full just tip it upside down and a perfectly shaped snowblock will easily slide out.

These blocks are specially designed so that each one interlocks with the others, giving the required strength as well as ensuring that the rows of Eskiblocks won't fall in as the igloo rises. You don't need any other special equipment, clamps or forms. All you need is an Eskimold, our free snow saw, some snow and a couple of friends.....Have Fun
Shipping prices:
1 - $20
2 - $22
3 - $29

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Igloo kits

Watch a video of an igloo built using the Eskimold.